4 essential body language tips from a world champion public speaker


4 essential body language tips from a world champion public speaker

My dad came up to me and said son. It’s. Okay, you flunked your exams. You already got arrested. One of the most important things that you need to realize is when you get nervous, you try to cover your white logins and that’s.

Keep their body open

Why you would see a lot of speakers sometimes fold their hands, bring their hands in front of them and that’s? A sign of nervousness great speakers, keep their body open. So there is no barrier between you and me.

Raise your hand if you have an emotional mother, let me see put them all together, you get mama and something that when you’re starting out, you got to be very conscious about. Is keep your body open here’s tip number two: have your palms open? Do this exercise with me? Take a look at your palms turn them around.

have your palms open

Take a look at the inside of your palms again what side relaxes your eye? If you really concentrate when you look at the inside of your palm your eye relaxes and a lot of great speakers, they open their palms towards the audience, showing a more openness and that allows the audience to connect with the speaker better, as opposed to showing the Back of your hand, ladies and gentlemen, today i’m a dreamer i’m, a speaker, and i learned the unfailing quality of unconditional love from my wife number three get comfortable with the stage when you’re comfortable on The stage that you’re speaking on your body is free to move about.

Use body language

Uh, you know, use body language, but if you’re, not comfortable with that stage, and if you feel foreign on that stage, what happens is your body? Language starts to constrict, and you start to cover your body up and when a son sees a mother cry tears of shame that’s a life-changing moment.

She looked at me and said son. I want you to be a better man. Whatever you do, don’t touch the podium as soon as you do that you’re, going to be leaning on it. You’re, going to be shaking that podium and you will be doing all sorts of things on the podium.

So what you do is you keep a comfortable distance between you and the podium. You can keep your notes on it, but you can use your hands to gesture don’t rest, your hands on the podium, so keep a distance, and you can gesture use body language as you want from a little distance from the podium[ninja_form id=7]




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