How do I know if I found my soulmate?


hey everyone and welcome to top think. Today we’re, going to learn about seven signs. You’ve found your soulmate.

What does it feel like to meet your soulmate?

They Make You Feel Complete

Now let’s begin number one unconditional support. Your soulmate is your biggest fan They’ll, stand on the sidelines, cheering you on every step of the way because they want to see you succeed. They want you to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams, because your happiness matters to your soulmate personal happiness, is a common source of conflict in relationships, partners, care about their own happiness and the happiness of the relationship.

But does your partner care about your personal happiness? Do they want you to succeed and achieve, even if that means sacrificing their own, wants and needs all right? Let’s, say, for example, that you get an amazing opportunity for your career to pursue this opportunity.

You have to travel overseas now, a selfish partner may stop you from going. They don’t want you to leave them alone. For so long or maybe they’re worried that your relationship will fall apart. Now a soulmate would never stand in the way of your personal dreams because they know that your dreams will make you happy, and that makes them happy.

How do you know when you found true love?

 vulnerable trust

Priority number two vulnerable trust: a soul. Mate feels like home spending time with your soul, mate eases your nerves, holding their hand, cuts your anxiety in half. Just talking to your soul. Mate puts you in a more positive state of mind.

In other words, your soul. Mate helps you relax and escape from the rest of the world. Why do soul mates make us feel comfortable and safe? Well, the answer revolves around one word and that’s. Trust your soulmate is someone you can trust with all of your heart.

You trust them with your secrets. You trust them with your weaknesses. You’re, not afraid to show them every aspect of your personality. In the same way, your soulmate isn’t afraid to show you their weaknesses either because you both genuinely trust each other.

Without this strong bond, you’d, never really be comfortable around your partner. You’d, stay on your guard every time your partner’s in the room. According to relationship psychologists, a distrusting relationship significantly increases your stress levels, but why is that? Well, because you can’t, be yourself all right.

Let’s, say you get home from work and you just want to relax, but you’re afraid to let your partner see you in sweatpants or without your makeup. If you don  t trust your partner enough to bring down your walls.

Well, they may not be your soul mate, but if you can be yourself around your partner, if their presence feels like a safe haven well, then you may have found your perfect match

 Core similarities 

Number three core similarities Do you and your partner share the same values? Soul? Mates? Can be very different people, you may be shy and risk averse, while your partner’s, outgoing and impulsive, you may love reading for hours on the couch, while your partner likes to be athletic and social, your personalities may differ in obvious ways, but the Core of who you are may be exactly the same while interests, passions and preferences are important.

Our beliefs and values decide what kind of people we really are. Do you value kindness? Above all else, does your life revolve around your family? Are you constantly in pursuit of greater goals, or do you simply want to make yourself happy in the present? Your answers will lead you down different paths in life.

They fuel your most important decisions and they motivate your greatest sacrifices. So do you and your partner share the same values? Are you both work oriented? Do you both value family, which is more important to each of you, loyalty or self-respect adventure or stability? You and your soulmate share the same core values.

Even if you seem like different people, your lives will be headed in the same direction. You can understand how and why the other person makes their decisions, because you understand each other’s, points of view and you share a similar perspective on life.

So don’t worry if you and your partner have opposite traits. Don’  t worry if they like things that you don’t. The truth is, if you have like-minded values, your differing personalities may complement each other perfectly number.

Love at your worst

Four love at your worst. Has your partner seen you at your worst, i mean hitting rock bottom scares people off. Sometimes, when the going gets rough, you can tell the difference between a regular partner and a soulmate.

Imagine you just lost your job after years of motivation and success, you begin to struggle your passion fades, you fall back into old habits and the quality of your life crumbles. Would your partner stick by you or leave you to survive on your own? If your partner loves you at your best but leaves you at your worst well, you’ve, not found your soul mates because your soul, mate will love you no matter what state your life is in, whether you’re, struggling or succeeding.

This person is by your side every step of the way they’re, always rooting for you. They’re, always proud of you, and they’re, always excited to see what you’re going to do next. So don’t settle for someone who only loves you at your best instead recognize the people who stick through thick and thin.

If you find someone who loves you at your best and your worst, you may have found your soulmate.

You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts.

number five Finding your teacher, a soul. Mate is not just a friend or a partner, a soul. Mate enters your life to teach you something a soul, mate challenges! You pushes you and helps you improve.

They encourage you to chase your passions and motivate you to abandon your vices throughout your life, your soul, mate will be one of your greatest teachers and also your favorite student, because your soulmate isn’t there.

Just to teach you, you have just as many lessons to teach them just think about your current partner or any of your past relationships. Did your partner challenge you did they push you? Did they motivate you? Have you ever known someone who breaks down your walls recognizes your insecurities and works with you to improve now on the other side of the spectrum? Have you ever done this for your partner? If the answer is no, then you

Ve likely never met your soul mate, but hey that’s. Okay, you shouldn’t, live your life, pretending that you’re with the right person. It’s better to break up than force yourself into an unhappy relationship, but r emember this: when you do come across someone who challenges you, don’t run away from them, so many soulmate relationships dissolve early on because one partner refuses to Acknowledge their mistakes or they get scared of change.

It can be extremely difficult to learn and to grow. But if you’ve found your soulmate, then you’ve found someone who will push you to new heights and learn right alongside you .

  Reciprocal strength 

Do you feel more confident around your partner? Does your partner give you the courage to confront new challenges? Soul mates are a source of strength in your life, a soul. Mate will always be a rock.

You can count on in good times and bad times. Your soul. Mate will be there to support you because they’re fully invested in a relationship, a soul, mate doesn’t view your partnership as something temporary.

They don’t play down their commitment to you because, hey they’re. All in that means they’ll, be there when you need them. When life beats you down, they Ll pick you back up and you’ll do the same for them, because soul mates offer strength to each other.

They’d rush to your side as quickly as you’d rush to theirs. Now, of course, soul, mates, don’t just catch you when you fall. They also empower you to try new things. So when you try to improve yourself soul mates give you confidence and courage, even if things don’t work.

The first time your soul, mate will stand by you again and again. If you’ve found someone who gives you strength, you may have found your soulmate .

 The magic of hard work 

number, seven, the magic of hard work. The final sign that you found your soulmate is hard work.

A perfect relationship will not fall magically into your life if you think you’re, the one lucky person who stumbles upon their soulmate think again, because great long-lasting relationships take an incredible amount of time and effort.

Many people when they hear the word soul, mate, imagine love at first sight. We’ve, all seen stereotypical soul mates in movies right. We’ve all read about perfect relationships in books. If you believe the media, you may be waiting for your ideal partner to appear before you as soon as you and your soul.

Mate meet, you may imagine living happily ever after, but the magic of finding your soul, mate isn’t magic at all. It’s, the product of years of commitment, loyalty and hard work, a soulmate isn’t, flawless or even ideal.

In fact, your soulmate could look and act. Nothing like you expect. Yet you’re drawn to this person. You feel it in your brain, you feel it in your heart and you feel it in your gut. They may have flaws, but so do you.

Your relationship may take years of work, but every good relationship does so don  ‘t expect the magic of the universe to tell you when you’ve found your soul mates instead pay attention to the way your partner makes.

You feel examine the role your partner plays in your life and really envision your future. If you can’t imagine life without your partner. Well, you may have found someone who’s worth the hard work. Hey.

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