How to become an instagram influencer

Today i am going to show how to be an instagram influencer  in 3 single  sept make  show you read  still the end and leave  a comment  below, have choose your  niche decide  on your  instagram niche ? try to choose what you really love doing for  example #clickbank this  person is an affiliate marketer no need to post his name it all depend on you let start .

Content and Branding

Some people thing that just posting  everyday would make them instagram influencer,no  if that  was the case everybody will be an influencer , so simple, getting inspiration from another influencer is a  good thing but key is that you have to post interesting content and video that goes wih you niche


Repost Your friend post

I see this people try to become influencer all the time and I wander  while they don’t do because it so simple post your video or what ever your are posting and give  friend  a text and say hey I just  post my video on istagram can you repost it on your story, when they do  that even if you friend have 10 follower in instgram if that friend take you photo or you video and then repost it to their story their follower  become your followers, automatically that is the reason why a say make you content  interesting another  thing to do is go to instagram,literally do this for 30 minute per day and would see some crazy result go to instagram search up you niche if you are      in a makeup niche      search # makeup  scroll through the recently post  and  comment on their post



Now that you have new friend  and new eyes watching your content this means that this audience have never seen you before even  if those people follow you and like your content does not means they are not going to stay , interact with those    people,  that like and follow your post  for  example if someone like your post on cars just reply to them  by saying  “hi you like cars let message each other  and  talk about     our cars “ that is hooking that person in,  Now they would want to see more of your stuff and the person is more connected  to you and that really impact your grow, just  repeat this three simply  step that is all you have to do to start  an instagram influencer  account

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