Moto G9 Plus VS Moto G8 Power

All right guys, we’re back with another comparison. Today we have the moto g8 power versus the moto g9 plus, so the g9 plus uh just came out in the us and uh it’ll cost you around 300 bucks. I’ll. Put the links down below the moto g8 power actually got a crazy price drop.

You can find it as cheap as 170 brand new right now on amazon and i believe, for the different versions like for the us model. It’s 234 and then for the international. It’s, uh again, 170 or 215, depending on you know which one you get or which color you get.

So that is crazy, that this phone got such a dramatic price drop for it being so good. Alright, so let’s. Go over the hardware with these phones and um, as you can see, big difference and for you guys asking the g8 power is just as big as the g8 plus.

So this goes for the g8 plus as well. It’s, got basically the same body as the um, the ga power, and i have a unboxing of that on the channel, the g8 plus and ga power. If you guys want to check those out um, but as you can see, they’re.

Both two plastic phones uh, the g9 plus, is really big and um. It is a little heavy. It’s, not super heavy, but uh definitely has a little weight to it. This uh definitely feels more light now uh, taking a look at the hardware, basically the same setup here, but a little different, so you have the fingerprint scanner now it’s on the power button, and i love that move 100.

I prefer that over the one being on the back, because when you have this, you know on the table, you can just unlock it like that. You, don’t have to pick up the phone to unlock it um. So you do have your volume rockers right here on this side, you do have a google assistant button and the g8 power is lacking, that you also have your usb type-c speakers at the bottom, and what i love about the g9 plus is that it’s got the trendy, up-to-date camera module.

So, as you can see, kind of looks, like you know the galaxy or the iphone all that stuff. So i like that trinity design. It definitely looks newer to me um, so they both are nice. Looking phones, they’re, both plastic um, the g9 plus, does have sort of a matte finish.

So you won’t, see as many fingerprints as you will on the ga, plus also the g9 plus does not have the water repellent. Uh coating on here that the g8 plus does uh. So i guess, if you get this one credit it’ll, just i guess break, but you can get this the ga power uh, you know wet in the rain stuff, like that.

I wouldn’t submerge it, but let’s, go ahead and talk about the display. So this is where the biggest uh change came from it’s. A 6.81 inch display only g9 plus a 1080p display 386 for the ppi and on the g8 plus, is a 6.

4 inch. 1080P display 399 for the ppi, so slightly higher ppi, but um. Just a massive display difference uh here. If you don’t like big phones, you are not gonna, like the g9 plus, it is massive in the hand.

I think it’s, just as big as the oneplus 7 pro that i have that i thought was pretty big. Uh, let’s actually see if it’s as big as the v60, which is a big boy. Yeah it’s. It’s. This big yeah look at that.

It’s as big as the v60, so this is a massive phone guys all right. So as far as the display quality uh on the ga power, even though it has the higher ppi, you really can’t tell the difference here. They both uh, basically look identical um, you know, just the g, nine plus is just bigger.

You do have the punch hole on the left hand side on both of these phones, which i really like. It gives off a very immersive experience, which is something that i really like, but as far as brightness color uh, there’s, no real difference here from what i’m.

Seeing alright. So both phones are running android 10 and i do expect both phones to get android 11 uh. They both have pretty much the same features, basically stock android uh with the moto app uh on here.

So you have your gestures, the same stuff, the chopped for the flashlight uh, the motion for the camera, all that stuff, the google now page on here, uh everything you know and love about stock android.

So everything is really clean, uh and fast on here, which is something that i really like. So let’s. Talk about speed on both of these devices. You have the snapdragon 730 g on the g9, with the adreno 618 micro sd support 128.

Gigs of storage and four gigs of ram on the g8, you have the snapdragon 665, the adreno 610 micro sd support as well as 64 gigs of internal storage and four gigs of ram. So you are getting slightly better uh storage on here uh.

They both have the same amount of ram, and you have that newer chip, the snapdragon, 730 g, but let’s, go ahead and see how it performs in the real world and on some benchmarks. So let’s, go ahead and clear everything out all right.

Let’s, go ahead and get started. Let’s open up subway surfer. Again it’s, going to be faster on the g9 plus slightly faster, not a huge uh difference here, let’s. Try the youtube app yeah! It’s, just going to be slightly snappier here.

Let’s. Try settings faster on the g9 tempo run yeah. So definitely this chip and i’ve, been telling people that this 730g chip is a pretty decent. Definitely a nice little budget chip set here. Try the cameras, okay, so very fast, on both let’s, actually go ahead and run a benchmark, geekbench and see how well see the difference all right guys.

So, as we can see, we get a slightly higher score on the g9 plus uh here, but again, as we saw with the real world performance, it’s, not going to be a huge uh deal here and you can see how it compares to Other phones and it’s kind of price bracket.

Now, all right, we got pub g loaded up. Let’s check out the graphics here, as you can see on the g9, as far as we can go, is hd and high. The g8 we can only go to balance and medium, so big difference in terms of gaming um.

You can definitely tell graphic wise it’s, just more detail smoother to play on, so the g9 plus is definitely going to be the better device for gaming, as you can see. So definitely, if you were, you know deciding between these two phones, uh.

The g9 plus is going to be the phone you’re, going to want to pick up, and you can play fortnite on here as well and last time. If i remember right, i don’t think it’s compatible with the um uh, ga power, or if it is it’s going to be like very low um settings.

It’s going to be. Basically, you’re, going to be playing at the lowest setting, so definitely for gaming. You’re, going to be picking up the g9 plus 100. Now let’s. Talk about the speaker, so you do have stereo speakers on the ga power and you only have a single speaker on the g9.

So let’s, go see which one sounds louder or better: [, Music, ], huh, [, Music, ], okay. So the g8 power is a little bit louder and sounds a little bit clearer, but uh the g9 plus has more bass to it, which is something that i really like.

So i really like that you don’t, have you know the punchiness or the depth to the bass as much as on the g8 power? So it really comes down to you know what you want, but i definitely like the more bass, uh presence on my phone.

So all right before we get to the cameras, let’s, talk about some additional features uh, so both of these phones. Of course, still have the headphone jack uh, you do have bluetooth 5.0 on both of these phones as well, and you do have nfc on the g9 plus and you do not have nfc on the g8 power.

So if you want to do mobile payments on this phone, you will not be able to do that and as far as the fingerprint scanner again i like the one on the you know. I like the one on the g9 plus just because, where it’s at, but they’re, both very fast as you can see, they both have face unlock, which works very fast.

But i like this way of doing it because i don’t have to pick my phone up to do it right. So it’s, just a little personal preference. It’s. Not it really comes down to what you like uh, but let’s, go ahead and talk about the cameras, because i found this the most interesting here so uh, starting with the g9 plus.

So you have a 64 megapixel wide and eight megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel depth. Sensor 4k. Video 16 megapixel selfie camera shoots 1080p. On the g8 power, you have a 16 megapixel wide 8 megapixel telephoto 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro 4k video, and you also have a 16 megapixel front facing camera um.

The g8 power cameras are better than the g9 plus in almost every test that i took. So you can see the photos side by side. I prefer the ga power, the color accuracy was better, there was more detail and dynamic range was better.

I don’t know what’s going on with the g9 plus cameras um, i don’t think they’re terrible uh, but they definitely need to fix something because it might be a software thing. So i’m, not sure what’s going on with this phone, but it definitely seems like kind of like a downgrade um, but the video, as you can see, is much better on the g8 power as well.

So i preferred everything the front-facing camera. All of it is better on the g8 power to me so cameras i’m, going with the ga power 100 uh from what i’m. Seeing so let me know what you guys think about the photos.

I thought that was pretty interesting all right, so one of the cool things with the g9 plus is that you have 30 watt fast charging this phone charges extremely fast. You have a 5 000 milliamp battery and you can easily get all day battery life up to two days if you’re, a light user on both of these phones, but you only have 18 watt fast charging on the g8 power.

So i absolutely love uh being able to you know you drain your phone and then you just plug it up, and then it doesn’t take all day to charge. It charges pretty fast that’s, something that i really like.

But as far as battery life on both of these phones, you’re, getting two excellent uh phones uh. So what do you guys think um? I know somebody’s. Gon na ask. It really depends on what you want. So i like the g9 plus, i think the big screen is gonna appeal to a lot of people um.

I think the better cameras are gonna appeal to a lot of people in the ga power, especially at the price drop that this phone has gotten. I think the chipset on the g9 plus is definitely better. You’re able to play games uh kind of at a you know, medium to high settings uh, which is something that i like definitely better than the ga powers processor so which phone? Are you guys going with be sure, let me know, and i’ll catch you guys in the next one



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