Vacos Camera Wireless Outdoor Security review

Hey guys welcome back to another review. Today we’re, going to be checking out the vacos cam. So this is a security camera that’s actually pretty feature packed with quite a few capabilities, including ai.

So in this review we’re, going to set it up and check out what it has to offer all right. So let’s get started all right. So this is the package that it comes in it’s, wrapped in plastic. Film.

Vacos Camera features

completely wireless 100 wire free

Take that off. So we got the picture of the camera, the logo, some slogans and, most importantly, the features which it is completely wireless 100 wire free.

magnetic ball

So it is battery operated and it charges it’s got ai and pir detection and the ai feature is able to distinguish between human movements and let’s just say bush or something or tree leaves moving around.

vacos camera has ai and pir detection

So we got full color night vision and what that is is there are two led lights here. We can see the yellow one, those activate during night time and gives light to have the full color vision. We also have two-way audio, so you can talk between your phone and this camera.

has a storage capacity of 16Gb and a Cloud storage

So there’s, two ways that the camera stores video it’s, internal memory of 16, gb or cloud storage. It does work with alexa.

has a feature of a siren

It also has a feature of a siren, so it’s, kind of like an alarm or a deterrent and intruders that they have been seen.

ip65 waterproof

So let’s, go ahead and open it up. So, on the top we see the vacos logo and that just comes out. We get a little sticker where you let people know that you have surveillance the user manual that will need to set up the camera, and here’s, all the pieces that it comes with, go ahead and check out the camera itself, all right.

So this is what it looks like now. It has a kind of a shiny finish, as you guys can see, and there’s, an embedded logo on the side, actually both sides on the back of the camera. We have a mounting hole and a little button up here on the bottom of it.

check amazon

We have a little port that opens up, and this is where we’re, going to charge it, which is a micro usb, and here we can see the speaker. We’re talking back and forth, so here on the front of the camera we ‘

Ve got some protectors. I’m gonna go ahead and pull that off there’s. Also very fine film. On the face – and so here we can see all of our sensors, so the top two is for night vision led lights. We have a little pinhole here and that’s, the mic, and then we got a couple other sensors below that and obviously right in the middle.

9.5 Total Score
Vacos Camera Wireless Outdoor Security review

So in this review we're, going to set it up and check out what it has to offer all right. So let's get started all right. So this is the package that it comes in it's, wrapped in plastic.

  • less expensive
  • integrated storage
  • clear night vision
  • can not download music
  • does not allow alexa strearming
  • cloud storage
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We have the camera lens, so yeah, pretty straightforward. Overall, let’s, check out what else comes in this box, so we have a couple mounting options. We have a wall mount if you want to permanently mount this to a wall or we have this other option here, which is a magnetic mount.

That’s kind of like a round ball and that just magnetizes to the back just like that. So it’s attracted to it, and i definitely like this option here because it’s very easy just to pop it off and charge it when you need to and then pop it back on and speaking about charging.

vacos camera have a batteries of 6700 milliamp

There is a 6700 milliamp batteries, so this camera should last for months and months, depending on how much you know it gets, triggered and has to record, and we do have the hardware that’s needed and also we get a usb cable to charge.

It so yeah and that’s, everything for the box and, as you guys can see, it was packed very well all right. So let’s. Take a quick look at the manual here. So this is everything that’s included, so here it shows us what everything does welcome and thanks for choosing camera initializing camera.

how to setup vacos camera security

Please wait, okay, waiting for setup, so, as i said it down, i accidentally, i guess, turned it on on this button. So we are going to set it up here in a second, but before we do that we obviously need to download the app.

So i’m going to be using an android phone. Let’s, go ahead and look up vehicles, so it looks like that’s. It right here go ahead and install it. So let’s, go ahead and open the app. I guess we’re, going to have to sign up and agree to terms.

So here you’re, going to have to enter your phone or email. I’m, just going to go ahead and do an email, so they’re, going to send a code, make a password and it says success. Now we’re going to log in all right.


So this is how it starts up. So what we’re going to need to do is add a device, so we’re going to click on this big add button. So i guess we’re, going to have to uh, set our permissions to allow so yeah.

Once you get all the things on and the permissions granted, then it goes to this screen here. So it’s, asking us what it is. Camera doorbell or indoor cam, so it’s, the first one here, so it’s, asking us to press this button here for six seconds.

So let’s, go ahead and do that device reset, succeeded, welcome and thanks for choosing camera initializing camera. Please wait waiting for setup, so we see a little red light there blinking. So we’re, going to click the check mark here and then next.

So here you’re, going to enter your wi-fi password all right. So, after that we’re, going to get a qr code and we need to scan it with the camera and there it goes connecting wi-fi. So we can click scan, succeeded and now it looks like it’s connecting or whatever it’s doing there’s, five six percent right there.

So now we have a little blue light that blinks internet connection failed. Please check your network for some reason: it wasn’t able to connect uh. It looks like it’s, maybe going through a reset or something it’s, definitely doing something.

It keeps resetting itself going through the process and we’re about to hit 100 and for some reason it failed very weird: okay, let’s retry and see what happens. Maybe i’m a little too far from the router device is now online all right, so it actually worked.

It just said device online, so yeah. So if it doesn’t work, i guess try again and the way you do. That is just hold this button here for three four seconds and it says it resets and then just go through the connecting again so um.

I think i’m a little bit far away from the wi-fi that’s. Probably the reason why i failed the first time, but in any case so here we can see that we get to name the device. So let’s, go ahead and name this thing yard, because i think i’m going to use it outside, but you can obviously custom name it whatever you want now.

If we click here, we should be able to see live and there it goes okay, so it did look like it will freeze there, so it must be too far away from the wi-fi, so that’s. Probably why i had a little bit of issue there, but in any case we’ve connected, it seems to work and everything’s good.

So i’m gonna go ahead and mount this thing somewhere and we’ll check out the app and all the features that it has all right guys. So here we are outside and i decided to mount this on the tree and the reason: why is because it’s pointing towards the door here.

So there’s, a pretty good area here for it. But what i wanted to show you is how this thing mounts. So this is the other part of the magnetic ball, so you just put one screw through here with the bracket going up this way, and then this piece and just literally slides on top of it and goes down and clicks on and that’s.

It it’s, a really nice clean, look and the camera simply just magnetizes to the ball just like that, and you can really point it to any direction. You want pretty good motion here so and this part is rubberized, so it’s, a nice connection.

There it’s, not like plastic, the plastic or anything. So it’s, got a nice solid, feel to it. It’s, not just going to fall or something it’s got a good resistance to it. So yeah, i’m, just going to aim it that way, and so whenever the mailman comes or anybody to the door, it’s going to notify me so yeah.

This is what it looks like out in the wild. Now you probably want to mount this somewhere where it’s, not very reachable, because then you know anybody can just grab it and go with it. So maybe mounting it somewhere higher up and the ceiling somewhere pointing down would be a better idea.

All right guys, so here i have the app open. Hopefully, you can see something it’s a little bright outside, but we can see what the camera is seeing right now and it’s, updating pretty well now i do have it pretty far from the wi-fi router it’S probably about 30 feet or more so if it was a little closer, it would be better.

So if you go more than 30 and you might have quite a bit of trouble, but if you don’t go as far it seems to be doing okay as far as live viewing. So we get quite a bit of information here we got the date.

We got a settings button on the side on the top there. If we put our phone in landscape mode, we can see the full screen that’s kind of cool and we do have the options to use the record button. The photo button and the microphone button to talk.

So in horizontal mode. You can see we have all the options here, so we have the speaker if we click on it, the speaker will come on, but there’s, some feedback there. So i’m, going to go ahead and turn it off.

VACOS Battery Security Camera Outdoor 1080p Full Color Night Vision, Rechargeable Wireless Waterproof Cam 2-Way Audio for Home, AI Motion Detection, Cloud and 16GB Local Storage, Work with Alexa

Since we are by the camera, so here we have a notification button if we click that, so this is where your notifications will be. The next button we have is the cloud button. If we click on that here, you can access the cloud or the internal storage.

Here on the top, we have a toggle. So if we click device, it should load up all of the detections, but i think it’s having a little bit of trouble, because the device is still too far away from the wi-fi network yeah.

That’s. Something to consider about this camera in particular, is that you do need to be a little bit closer to the wi-fi and then on the bottom. We have our hot buttons, which is the picture video. If you click on record, what it’s going to do is actually going to record what it sees here, live to your phone.

If you want to, you know catch something in the action you can do that or same way take a picture and it’ll, save it to your phone right in the middle. Here we have our speaker button right now, and so you’d, use that to talk back and forth kind of like an intercom between the camera and the phone.

So here on the top we have settings and if we click that we can see, we have camera here, the battery life. So you can see how where the battery is at here, we have an option for siren. So we’re, going to check that out in a second device volume we can adjust the volume of the device put on 80 for now led status.

So if you wanted to turn off indicators of any kind on the camera that it’s, you know doing anything. You can turn that off. So if i turn it back on, we can see that little blue light put it off. It goes away.

So if you want it to be more discreet, you can turn it off. So here we have recording settings, so you can set the schedule for when you want it to record and not so at certain times when you know you’re, not needing the camera to you know, monitor anything you can schedule it not to do Anything at that time, cloud storage settings, so it does come with 90 days of free cloud and then, after that you have to pay for the service.

So you can claim it here by pushing the button over here for 90 days and it will record eight seconds of any alerts and store them in the cloud here. We have a restart button and the firmware and that’s, pretty much it so it’s quite basic and not too complicated and quite easy to use all right.

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